All systems go!

It’s finally here!  It’s taken awhile to get everything together, but has officially launched!  (And no one is happier than Melissa Yank herself!)

There aren’t many blog posts right now, but I have a bunch in the works.  Until then, I hope you enjoy what content is available – including a sneak peek at my first book KEYSTONE CALAMITY.

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What can you expect from me and my posts?

  • Dorky text emoticons – because I like them and think they’re amusing (°∀°)b (See?  It’s a thumbs-up!  Okay, okay, moving on…)
  • Articles exploring writing madness methods
  • Discussion pieces accompanied by poorly-drawn representations of myself and my characters
  • Meandering anecdotes that eventually do have a point (I promise.  Really.)
  • Nonsense that has a faint connection to writing (recipes, craft things, snooty artsy stuff, etc)
  • Banana bread.  Unless you don’t like banana bread.  If that’s the case – there’s the door.  KIDDING!  ヽ(;▽;)ノ  There are no refreshments; the banana bread is a lie.
  • A colour version of that picture of Gwyn (someday… maybe)
  • ENDLESS FUN! ヽ(^Д^)ノ  (I think?  I hope?  I’ll try my best!  Wait – don’t leave yet – )

Here – you can have some banana bread after all –


See?  Are we all good now?  Excellent.

Ahem.  Well, that was a strange start to this website.  Please look forward to new posts and other random stuff!

Until next time!  (Where there may or may not be refreshments.  Oooh, cliffhanger!)

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