I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I liked writing stories as a child.  One tale I remember most vividly was a giant paragraph and featured an aspiring detective named Melissa (go figure) whose sassy sidekick shared the same name as my cat.  Together, they solved many mysteries and also saved a mermaid from some gangsters.  (Yeeeeah.  I don’t even know.)


One of my many masterpieces, circa 1998.

From there, my creativity blossomed; every writing assignment in English class was an exciting adventure to undertake.  Eventually, I wrote so many stories that my aunt gave me a binder to organize all of them.  I penned original works, I delved into the embarrassing ocean of fanfiction, and I stumbled through a few attempts at fluffy poetry.

Hearing all of this, I’m sure you’re saying, “Oh, so I guess you’ve always wanted to be a writer.”

The thing is…  I didn’t know it was possible.  No one could just be a writer.  You had to have some practical job like data entry or psychologist to live in the real world.  Authors were mystical beings that fell from the heavens to grace us with their words; they were intangible, incorporeal, and fathomless.  They simply were not real to me.

It was a hard idea to shake.  I spent a lot of time pursuing one of those “legitimate” careers; writing was merely a hobby in my mind – I had to have a contingency plan because I could not live off writing.  No one could live off writing!  That’s preposterous!

Thus, I dragged my feet through countless careers, miserable and unfulfilled because I had it in my head that writing wasn’t a real job.  Finally, I reached a point where I sat down (or collapsed from the sadness – you pick) and thought, “Wait…  Why can’t I be a writer?”

I didn’t need some special hand stamp to prove I was part of any sort of Writing Club.  You have been cleared to change your profession to Author/Writer/One Who Has Decided To Pursue One’s Dreams.  (There isn’t a hand stamp… right?  Right? D:)  I didn’t have to wait for permission; I had the passion already and the drive, when I really kicked myself into action.

So I sucked it up and decided to just BE A WRITER.  I did research on the industry and how publishing works, began building a slight presence (hullo, website!) and the biggest step: I started writing again.  Not only that, but I finally started finishing my projects, which is one of the biggest battles we creative types face.  It’s taken years, but I let myself walk the path I once thought was impossible, impractical, and completely out of reach.

Well, that’s enough inspirational rambling for one day.  I have a funny way of talking a lot about myself without saying too much, don’t I?  Mwahaha!  If you are still curious, I encourage you to read my blog if you would like to get to know me.  In the mean time, here are some random facts about yours truly:

  • Red is my favourite colour
  • I like to draw, paint, and sew
  • I enjoy baking
  • Out of all the seasons, I look forward to autumn the most
  • I’ve been a fan of video games for almost my whole life (I bet you’ve already guessed that I adore games with lots of story!)
  • I got the Penmanship Award in kindergarten (Perhaps that is what has kept me writing by hand so much through the years.)
  • I have trouble telling if someone is being sarcastic or sincere (Incidentally, people have trouble telling if I’m being sarcastic or sincere.)
  • I find languages fascinating and try to study them when I can.  (日本語をべんきょうしています~!)